Year after Year ..............

The day i stepped here i was a cute little fresher who came up with giant in power sector.
With fresh ideas & lots of creativity learned from the college.In the office which was painted with some vibrating colours ,As i ve done my industrial training in this company i was fascinated by the name.I entered in the office while receptionist was giving me a strange look like she was thinking where this child is being headed to? everybody was running while there was no sports activity goin on!!I was told to sit in the corner seat.I gone through the book lying on the table & tried to search something which i have learned in my college days. Try to match the pictures with the old one.Trying to to adapt to new environment to be a so called professional which i ve ever dreamt of always during my 20 years of learning,the stage which can never end.

As i turned the pages & before i could discover what that bulky book were I was called by a black fat HR manager. Bit worried with few lines on my forehead. I was taken to introduce me to the BIG 3 sitting in the cabins ,always found busy with some creepy issues.
Shaking hands with them & trying to visualise them as they have met a professional with bright future in power sector.

Sincerity,commitment to work & dreaming of being one of the BIG 4.

A year passed i did my work gave my best that i can do.Now things have changed I ve got new dimensions of life.The life for which everybody leave behind all the luxuries & the thing which everybody love to do.I know i ve to leave this platform which has been like a father,Who made me most rugged & more professional as one could be in one whole long year.

Fell down many times by others,stood up by myself and made my own way to success.Life couldnt be easy ,i learnt.The things i tought to my surrounding and what they tought to me added up everyday in my persona.

Now building a bigger platform or building a step to get on it.After 13 long months going for another big step what i wanted to be. With help of my superiors,with hands above my head & below my feet.It was the best that i could ever thought of. They were like family for me, those inspiring faces the aura they hold kept me going higher and higher i could ever thought of.
I left that family but i loved them and they loved me!! miss you all.

"Stone age didn't end beacause we ran put of stones
So power age will never end because we ran out of power"


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